Why Donate to TVFD?

Please consider making a donation to the TVFD for the following reasons:

  • The membership of the TVFD prides itself on spending countless hours maintaining and upgrading our property, buildings, apparatus and equipment to ensure we provide the highest level of emergency services as well as being a great neighbor to our community.

  • Unlike the time we volunteer, our operational and associated costs are not free and come at a significant yet worthy/invaluable cost. Your support is just as vital as the countless hours our volunteers contribute to our community.

  • Financial support from state and local government covers some of our annual $300,000 operating costs. This doesn’t cover the cost of new fire engines at a current cost of $500,000, heavy rescue trucks currently cost of around $1.2M, and EMS support vehicles at $50,000. How does the TVFD fund this balance? We solely rely on your support to fund the balance of our operating costs and all of our new fire apparatus expenses.

Donation FAQ

Our Operating Fund

The Operating Fund is our crucial source of direct support to fund our operating budget. TVFD depends on the Operating Fund to meet its most pressing needs, including required training; mandated and routine maintenance of equipment, gear, and buildings; scheduled replacement of gear and equipment; technology demands needed to improve productivity and drive operational excellence.

Operating Fund contributions underwrite every aspect of TVFD and directly correlate to our level of service.

Why Is Our Participation So Important?

Aside from being the lifeblood of our 100% volunteer organization, community support is often an imperative element in the consideration of foundations and corporations when they consider contributions.

What Giving Options Do I Have?

Gifts of cash and securities are the most common forms of support received. Checks are payable to Toney Volunteer Fire Department. Contributions involving stock and/or bonds are another option.

Matching Gift

Companies will often match your gift to TVFD. You may double or perhaps triple the impact of your gift by taking advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Please check with your human resources department, and follow their instructions.

How Much Should I Give?

We would appreciate a gift of any amount. Recent contributions ranged from $10 to more than $35,000. Your participation is what makes a real difference.

When Should I Give?

Gifts contributed early curtail additional costs incurred for follow-up mailings, and they encourage others to give.

For more information, please contact TVFD at 256-852-5007.

The TVFD does not solicit donations by phone calls.

Donate Online

You can donate securely and easily using PayPal online. You can use your PayPal account or using a Credit/Debit Card.

For security, you will be redirected to PayPal’s website.

Mail Your Donation

Make checks payable to Toney Volunteer Fire Department

Toney Fire & Rescue
P.O. Box 100
Toney, Alabama 35773

Amazon Smile

The Toney Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to offer our supporters an easy way to help our department. With every purchase you make at Amazon.com, a portion of the proceeds can support TVFD.

Every time you make a purchase on Amazon (including Amazon Prime), Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible Amazon purchase cost to TVFD. The prices you pay are exactly the same.

911 Reflective Address Signs

All to often, we cannot locate a house due to there not being any numbers on the mailbox, or they are barely visible, especially at night. Would we able to find your house in an emergency situation? Remember, seconds count. Get a highly visible reflective address sing from us for only $20.

Order Reflective Signs

Email Us

Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will get back to you. We are an all-volunteer department so please be patient with us. If this is an emergency please call 911.